Fundraising Success

Posted at 26/09/14 - 55:03 PM

26th September - Fantastic donation


Following the very successful Murder Mystery at Catfield Village Hall, James and Rob from Coastal Villages, and Shelley Jennie and Ashlee from Potter Heigham group were delighted to accept a cheque for £361.
This will enable the group to buy a much needed Pulse Ox unit, each of which costs £324.
So many thanks to everyone involved in the event!

September 12th & 13th - It's Murder at Catfield Village Hall!

Catfield Village Hall held two performances of their Murder Mystery "Who Killed the Soap Star?" on 12th and 13th September, with half of the proceeds going towards Potter Heigham and Coastal Villages First Responders.

Further fundraising events such as Quiz Nights are planned for the near future, and you can keep watch here or Follow us on Facebook for more information

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